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About Us
Nivel began operations in Miami, Florida in 1968 and moved to Jacksonville in 1996. Recently, a fundamental business decision was made about location. It was decided that Nivel Parts could better serve their dealers as a national company. Though we will continue to maintain our headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, you will be better served by a national distribution system. The acquisition of HT Electric in 2005 and Intercoastal Manufacturing Company in 2006 has added Tucson, Arizona and Beaverton, Oregon as shipping locations. This will allow you to get parts in the shortest time possible at competitive ground shipping rates.

Streamlining the operation reduces our costs and yours. You make every effort to provide service to your customers at a reasonable price, so we have developed global supply relationships to support your efforts.  Nivel sets the specifications and controls all the tooling used by international suppliers, many of whom have been with Nivel Parts for 10 years or longer, so that you can be assured that you are purchasing parts of the highest quality levels in the industry.

Needs are changing all the time, and we will keep you ahead of the curve by stocking the newest parts as they become available. The Nivel policy is not merely to stock parts but to offer only precisely engineered parts and systems and make them available at competitive prices. Many of our products are superior to OEM equipment and represent the “must have” replacement parts and accessories that are critical to your business. Whatever your needs, you can depend on Nivel, for quality, for price, and most importantly, for service.




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