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Unlimited Growth Potential
The healthy demand for small vehicles for personal transportation and commercial use has reshaped the profile of the golf car market. Golf cars are increasingly used in retirement communities, resorts, gated communities, neighborhoods designated for electric vehicle use, plant facilities, university campuses, hospitality, and numerous recreation and outdoor activities (hunting, fishing and camping). Many recreational uses, take the vehicles into off road environments. While on-course golf car fleets continue to grow, alternative-use golf car units are also growing fast which offers the golf car dealer tremendous opportunity for growth. These applications generally require more extensive customization and the need for replacement parts and accessories is increased significantly over the rates required in golf course fleet car applications.

Nivel Parts has spent significant energy developing their full line catalog that can support both golf and non-golf needs. This includes a broad product line that meets the need for custom accessories and the engineered components necessary to modify the performance of the vehicle to meet the requirements of the end application.

Your opportunities for profit are unlimited.

A Winning Strategy
The independent status of Nivel allows them to provide you with cost competitive parts and accessories for use on all golf car makes and models which represents a critical component of the company’s success. A proven track record of providing the broadest range of parts and accessories in the industry which are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry and provided to the market at competitive prices has contributed to our customer’s success. Our ability to supply in a timely fashion has also enabled Nivel to backstop the OEMs at the franchised dealer with their full range of products and be a strong provider to the independents.

World Class Support

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